Welcome to the MyNearest Builder product information pages. These pages include information on the latest releases and a list of the known issues.

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MyNearest Builder 2.0.102 - 07/02/2017

Can now choose the number of addresses shown for an organisations locator

MyNearest Builder 2.0.097 - 30/01/2017

Can now choose to show or hide the distance of results

MyNearest Builder 2.0.091 - 04/05/2016

New drilldown widget which supports LocatorHub 5.3 (or above) and one of the following locators:

Addressbase Premium (Epoch 39 or above, requires LocatorHub 5.4)



One Scotland Gazetteer

Merge or Cascade locators using an appropriate standardised schema. For further information on the schema please see here

MyNearest Builder 2.0.086 - 16/12/2015

Instances can now be editted straight from the item info in ArcGIS online

Added the Drilldown Widget to the locator options

Changes to the user interface for mobile so it is easier to scroll to the results below the map

MyNearest Builder 2.0.076 - 19/11/2015

Fixed an issue where the search widget was not returning features from a 10.3.1 service that did not have pagination enabled

MyNearest Builder 2.0.073 - 03/09/2015

Added the ability for users to choose to specify the search distances in metres and kilometres as well as miles

The instance can now be launched at a specific location by passing in an x, y and spatial reference as URL parameters.
e.g. http://apps.esriuk.com/app/MyNearest/416/view/(instance id)/index.html?x=500000&y=200000&sr=27700

Modified the instance so if feature counts are turned off and a distance of 0 is defined the distance will be hidden

Fixed an issue where the instance would crash if the webmap contained related data

MyNearest Builder 2.0.061 - 18/05/2015

Fixes some further issues that could occur when using mixed spatial references

MyNearest Builder 2.0.060 - 13/05/2015

This release includes the following enhancements:

  • Improved the user experience for choosing the locator. You now have the option of selecting:
    • The ArcGIS World Geocoding service
    • One of the locators defined in your organisations settings
    • Searching ArcGIS Online for another locator
  • Improved the identify popup in the map to ensure that the pop-up is centred on the screen
  • Updated to latest version of JavaScript API

This release also fixes an issue in end user apps when using IE8.

It also fixes an issue where using mixed spatial references could cause errors in the nearest widget

MyNearest Builder 2.0.051 - 31/03/2015

We have added the ability for users to change the style of the apps

  • The font used on the page including the colour of the title font and page font.
  • The page background colour.
  • The background colour of the results table

MyNearest Builder 2.0.036 - 19/03/2015

This is a new major release of the MyNearest Builder application.

  • Added the ability to display features on a map.
  • You can now choose which layers of the web map are for display and which to query
  • Distance and maximum feature numbers can now be set per layer
  • You now have the ability to control various properties of how the list is displayed. e.g. is it collapsed or expanded, whether to show empty layers and whether to show the count of features.
  • Default values are now set for all parameters which will remove problems where for example no pop-up has been defined in the webmap.
  • Added a Spanish version of the builder and instance

The application uses the arcgis-digit-nearest which is available in GitHub to allow you to incorporate it into your own applications developed using the JavaScript API.

MyNearest Builder (Beta) 1.0.208 - 04/12/2014

Fix for an issue where using a mixture of http and https content caused the end instance not to load correctly.

MyNearest Builder (Beta) 1.0.192 - 6/10/2014

This release has been successfully tested against the WCAG 2AA standard for Accessibility and also adds supports for Internet Explorer 8 (for instances only).
Additional support has been added for metadata for the instances created including default description, access and constraint information and a default tag.

MyNearest Builder (Beta) 1.0.175 - 15/7/14

First Release.

Below is a list of the known issues with the MyNearest Builder.
If you have found a new issue then please report it to support@esriuk.com

MyNearest Builder management page may not load correctly in Internet Explorer 9

There are some elements in the management page which can cause IE9 to jump into something it calls “Quirks mode” which stops the page from loading correctly.

The solution is to turn this mode off if it happens. You can do this by pressing F12 and then changing the "Document mode" to "Internet Explorer 9 Standards"