Welcome to the UK Content app information pages. These pages includes information on the latest releases and a list of the known issues.

UK Content app 1.0.115 - 25/07/2016

Improved searching for groups in organisation

UK Content app 1.0.106 - 16/05/2015

You no longer need to login with your Esri UK Online Services account to run the app, you just need your ArcGIS Online credentials.

No longer configures the old Esri UK Free Online Services (datahub.esriuk.com), but instead makes it easier for you to use the new services hosted in ArcGIS Onlin by adding them to a group in your organisation.

Still allows you to configure the free UK Locators adding them as utility services to your ArcGIS Online account.

A new tab is available to connect to your Premium Content from Esri UK. This will prompt you to login using your Esri UK Online Services account and will continue to work as previously adding secure services to a folder in your content and creating a group to allow you to share these easily.

UK Content app 1.0.075 - 13/05/2015

Added support for the OS Composite and BNG Locators

UK Content app 1.0.067 - 21/01/2015

First Release of UK Content app

Below is a list of the known issues with the UK Content app.
If you have found a new issue then please report is to support@esriuk.com

No thumbnail is added to groups

The application does not add thumbnails to the groups that it creates. (FB51294)
If you wish the following images can be manually added to the groups