Welcome to the Markr product information pages. These pages include information on the latest releases and a list of the known issues.

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Markr 1.0.207 - 15/03/2016

Whitescreen infrequently appearing when loading Markr in the browser

Markr 1.0.205 - 16/12/2015

Support for WMTS basemaps added

Markr 1.0.204 - 13/05/2015

Updated branding

Markr 1.0.203 - 04/12/2014

A fix for an issue where mixed http and https content stopped the watermark being generated (FB48099)

Markr 1.0.188 - 03/10/2014

A fix for a problem where images not being displayed on the map in Chrome after Chrome update v37

Markr 1.0.143 - 26/03/2014

First Release.

Below is a list of the known issues with Markr.
If you have found a new issue then please report is to support@esriuk.com

You cannot use a webmap containing OpenStreetMap data (FB45705)

OpenStreetMap does not return some of the information that Markr requires to create the service. It is possible to use an existing watermark layer in conjunction with OpenStreetMap.

No all webmaps are visible in the dropdown list (FB48744)

The dropdown list is limited to showing a maximum of 100 items, so if you have more than 100 webmaps in your content you will not see them all. The list is alphabetical so the workaround is to rename your webmap temporarily so it appears at the top of the list.

Underlying map seems to disappear when you zoom in/out (FB51253)

If you try zooming in and out on the map after the watermark has been added, the underlying basemap may no longer be visible. if you wish to zoom to a location first you should do so before selecting an image for the watermark.

Markr is not supported in IE8

The underlying technology that Markr uses (Canvas) is not supported in IE8